Value Driven Search Engine Targeting

Provide your audience value and search engines will reward you with higher rankings

Value can be injected at every digital touchpoint. A clean design that enhances the user experience is value. Technical SEO the helps your site load faster is value. A marketing effort that drives targeted traffic while reducing friction at the moment of conversion with quality trust signals is value. 

It’s Not ROcket Science

We don’t sell “SEO Secret Sauce” or “Marketing Magic”. If you’re looking for someone to sell your poor service or overpriced product, look elsewhere.

We help businesses compete with the budgets of big business by bringing focus to your competitive advantage and helping to give your audience a valuable online experience. We leveraging the same tools/techniques as the expensive agencies at a fraction of their fees.

Our Competitive AdvantageWe excel at quickly finding areas of opportunity across several disciplis:  Pay Per Click Marketing, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and Systems/Tools Integrations. Together this makes up the bulk of customer touch points, and since our team is small, and each of us are partners, we perform work with no administrative drag. This approache saves clients money and time, and helps ensure you get the biggest bang for the buck.

Search Engine Optimization

We speak the language of search. Hire us to whisper or shout sweet nothings into the ear of search and your website will get attention. See our pricing page for availability.

Content Optimization

We translate your business goals into content your user’s value. Contact us to hear how we might build a content pipeline that has them coming back for more.

On Page Optimization

We geek out on technical edits to help signal to search you’re serious about modern best practices. Run an audit now to see instant results; Circle back and let us know if you want us to help.

SEO Consulting

Want to hire us to teach you or your team SEO, while at the same time having us perform SEO too?  You can hire us for 1 on 1 SEO consulting, great for small business owners who want to shed light 

SEO Reports

Want us to review your current effort and report our findings? You can hire us to review and provide actionable feedback 

SEO Strategy

If you’d like to make sure your short-term gains are paired with long term strategy, we can help craft a plan that compounds instead of dissolves in time. 

Unfortunately, Many Small Business SEO Agencies still approach Search Engine Marketing with an eye only on what SEO audit tools tell them to do. They dont use critical thinking or stay on top of the modern best practices. 

  • YES every websites needs the same basic on-page SEO per page. We even offer a product for Baseline SEO that gets this done for you. Proper headings, title tags and description tags set; integration of Google Analytics and validation with Google Search Console.
  • YES every website should be fast, tested on industry standard tools. Images image compressed and also optimized, and where possible use nextgen formats and responsive image technology. While you’re at it, reduce the bloat in the CSS and concat and minify all style and js files.
  • YES every website should gain backlinks, but don’t just go after any old link, go after the relevant ones that will have maximum impact.
  • YES drive traffic now, with pay per click ads if there is a budget for it, but don’t just set everything to autopilot and hope for the best, know what your ads are doing and manipulate them for gain.