Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about how our business works and what we do for you.

What is Search Engine Targeting?

Search Engine Targeting (SET) is a hybrid of traditional SEO and Marketing services combined with the 4 additional disciplines: User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Design (UX), System Aministration and Web Development.

SET is a more holisitc approach to the broader goal of gaining more traffic through search engines.

What is an SEO expert?

Every website owner should know a bit about SEO, but you are not an expert. Every web technology professional should know a bit about SEO, but they are not experts. An “expert” in SEO is often qualified through industry certifications, real world results, and time spent practicing the craft.

We have the certs, we have great results, and we’ve been doing this over 10 years.

Who is behind Valrank?

A team of 4 who are good at HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, WordPress, Node, Nuxt, Vue, Tailwind, Laravel, 11ty, SCSS, Marketing, Networking, Security, DNS, System Administraiton, Tag Management, PPC and a few other things. We leveraging modern tools to get modern SEO done fast.

We dont generly find the need to make our names or faces public, so we dont. If you work with us you know who we are, if you want to work with us and find out more you'll have to buy a session.

Can we start small to see how it goes?

Yes. In fact that is the only way we take on new clients. New clients can purchsae up to 5 sessions. After those sessions, if you like what you see and want us to conduct further effort, we'll figure out a plan that works best for you and our team.

How do I know you’re any good?

You don’t. But think about it. You are on this website now, no? And how did you get here? We don't pay for clicks to the site, so you are either here because someone told you about us or you did a search and found us. Either way, doesn’t that say something about our abilities to perform SEO?

Go ahead, buy a session and ask us to perform work, judge for yourself if we're any good.

Why is this website not fancy?
HA! This is our favorite, we've had fancy sites in the past, we develop fancy sites for clients. We choose to have our new site (2021) look like this, because:
  • Its fast. In fact it scores a pefect 100 across the board on google lighthouse test tools.
  • Value is often times best served simple.
I've had bad experiences. Do you offer refunds?

Clients not happy with SEO effort is common in our industry. Not always become a seo team is no good, somtimes its just a lack of good communicaiton or not properly setting realistic expecations. so don’t get too mad at yourself or the previous SEO team for coming up short.

This stuff is not easy. By its very nature, it can not be easy. We get paid to do the hard stuff. To answer your question, no – we don’t do refunds. Instead we have a take it slow at first approach, and if you’re happy with the initial effort we can get more aggressive.

How can I communicate with you?

Any client who has purcahsed 1 or more sessions has access to their client dashbaord - from there you can communicate with us.