What is Search Engine Targeting?

SET, or search engine targeting is a hybrid of not only traditional SEO and SEM services but also user interface design, user experience design, system administration and development. If your goal is to get traffic and/or sales from Search, SET is your best approach.

What is an SEO expert?

Every website owner should know a bit about SEO, but you are not an expert. Every web technology professional probably knows a bit about SEO, but they are not experts. An “expert” in SEO is subjective, often qualified through industry certifications, results, and time spent practicing the craft. We have the certs, we have great results, and we’ve been doing this over 10 years.

Who are you?

A team of 4 SEO ninjas who are good at HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, WordPress, NPM, Yarn, Nuxt, Vue, Marketing, Networking, Security, DNS, System Admin, Tag Management, and PPC. We leveraging modern tools to get modern SEO done fast.

How do I know you’re any good?

You don’t know. But think about it. You are on this website now, no? And how did you get here? Since we do not do paid marketing, you are here because either someone told you about us or you did a search and found us. Either way, doesn’t that say something about our abilities to perform SEO?

I hired others before, the result was not valuable. What if that happens with you, do you have a refund policy?

Coming up short with SEO effort is common. Don’t get too mad at yourself or the previous SEO team for coming up short. This stuff is not easy. By its very nature, it can not be easy. We get paid to do the hard stuff. To answer your question, no – we don’t have a return policy, all we have is take it slow at first, and if you’re happy with the initial effort we can get more aggressive.

Can we start small to see how it goes?

Yes. In fact that is the only way we take new clients. We do offer a more intense plan called Shout, but that is not available to new clients. Instead, new clients can choose the $130 a month Whisper plan or purchase one of our single effort services.